Investor Relations

Medium-Term Management Plan

SEVENTH MANAGEMENT PLAN (April 2016 to March 2019)(Issued on May 12, 2016)

1. Achieve consecutive record results for the three-year period covered, with cumulative ordinary profit of ¥480 billion

Although we do not expect the favorable conditions that were present during the previous three years to continue during the period covered by the Seventh Management Plan, we will firmly maintain our "revenue and profit growth trajectory" to surpass the record results achieved under the Sixth Management Plan.

2. Continue to invest for growth in leased buildings, further accelerate the annual development pace of 50,000 tsubo of gross floor area
Our basic policy of further strengthening our mainstay leasing business with a primary focus on redevelopment in central Tokyo is unchanged. We will work to secure properties equivalent to more than one million tsubo of gross floor area to be brought to market during and after the Seventh Management Plan.
3. Promote growth of peripheral businesses to develop fifth pillar of operations
We will stimulate and encourage further growth in operations of custom homes, rental condominiums, hotels and multipurpose halls, and work to develop these businesses to a level that will rival our four business pillars*.