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Supply of New Condominiums


Having entered the condominium sales business in the first half of the 1960s, Sumitomo Realty is a pioneer in the domestic market for condominium development and sales. We have become a leading company for condominium sales in Japan by staying ahead of our competitors, strategically focusing on city centers and proactively developing large, high-rise properties.

Basic Growth Strategy

Enhancing our brand strength by providing high-quality properties via a unique sales strategy, to build a strong position that is less susceptible to changes in market conditions

Overview of the Fiscal Year

The condominium market, which represents more than 90% of the segment´s portfolio, saw continued firm demand from consumers looking to purchase condominiums owing to low interest rates as prices remained high, especially in central Tokyo.
In such an environment, we delivered a total of 5,881 condominium units, detached houses and land lots during the March 2018 fiscal year, an increase of 165 units from the previous fiscal year, owing to the start of delivering units in projects such as City Tower Meguro, Garden Hills Yotsuya and City Terrace Koganei Kouen. As a result, despite a decline in revenue from land lots & others, revenue from condominiums & detached houses rose for the sixth consecutive year, due to an increase in the number of units delivered, and segment operating income reached a record high for the fourth consecutive year.
The number of condominium units sold increased by 888 units from the previous fiscal year, to 7,355 units, surpassing the 7,000 mark for the first time and reaching a new historical high for the second consecutive year. Also, the number of condominium units brought to market over the full year was the highest in both the Tokyo metropolitan area and Japan for the fourth consecutive year.


We are projecting stable year-on-year deliveries of a total of 5,800 condominium units, detached houses and land lots, and are aiming for a fifth consecutive year of record-high operating income.
As a result, we are forecasting a 0.4% decrease in revenue from operations, to ¥310.0 billion, with a 0.3% rise in operating income, to ¥47.0 billion.

Principal Condominium Development Projects (20192020)

NameLocationNo. of units
for sale
Grand Hills Motoazabu Minato Ward, Tokyo 30 2019
City House Nakameguro Station Court Meguro Ward, Tokyo 126 2019
City House Meguro the Grand Meguro Ward, Tokyo 78 2019
City Tower Kokubunji the Twin Kokubunji, Tokyo 554 2019
City Terrace Yokohama-Nakamachidai Yokohama 405 2019
City Terrace Yokohama Nagatsuta Yokohama 362 2019
City Tower Higashi Umeda Park Front Osaka 490 2019
City Tower Ginza East Chuo Ward, Tokyo 483 2020
Shinagawa East City Tower Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo 363 2020
City Tower Ebisu Shibuya Ward, Tokyo 307 2020
City Towers Tokyo Bay Koto Ward, Tokyo 1,539 2020

* Fiscal year ending March 31