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LEASING Unique Features and Competitive Advantages

  • Vigorous promotion of redevelopment projects in central Tokyo and an extensive track record
  • No.1 office building owner in Tokyo with a portfolio of over 230 high-performance buildings with cutting-edge exterior, equipped with latest facilities and specifications, characterized by newest, large-scale, and location in central Tokyo
  • Strong market competitiveness due to a portfolio with buildings in various sizes, distributed in areas with excellent transportation convenience, which flexibly meets diverse needs of tenants
  • Active promotion of BCP compliance through introduction of seismic isolation/vibration control structures at 80% of the buildings we own as well as by implementing uninterrupted power supply systems implementing uninterrupted power supply systems

SALES Unique Features and Competitive Advantages

  • No.1 supplier of condominiums units for six consecutive years both nationwide and in the Tokyo metropolitan area
  • Operating in major cities throughout Japan. Stable supply with 80% of the portfolio in the Tokyo metropolitan area
  • Strong product planning to maintain the future asset value, such as signature stylish exteriors, elegant entrances, rich array of facilities in common areas, standardized disaster-resistant high specifications, and latest household appliances
  • Operating Grand Mansion Gallery that offers wide-ranging information on selecting condominiums and enables customers to review all the properties available at a single location

CONSTRUCTION Unique Features and Competitive Advantages

Remodeling − Shinchiku Sokkurisan

  • No.1 in the industry with an innovative "full remodeling package" system for detached houses, with 50-70% of the rebuilding cost, worry-free fixed pricing system, and seismic reinforcement for houses of all ages
  • Featuring a system in which a dedicated sales engineer manages the entire project and a dedicated master carpenter with proven knowledge and skills oversees the construction
  • No.1 for six consecutive years nationwide in the industry of skeleton reform for exclusively owned areas of condominiums

Custom Homes

  • Model home exhibitions at 123 locations primarily in major cities throughout Japan (As of March 31, 2020)
  • Offering advanced functional homes with attractive design utilizing expertise in condominium development
  • Emphasizing product planning to enhance safety of homes, including development of proprietary earthquake-resistant technologies, such as "seismic control systems" and "power panels" (patented)

BROKERAGE Unique Features and Competitive Advantages

  • A network of 276 directly operated brokerage offices nationwide with a leading track record in the industry (As of March 31, 2020)
  • Sales system rooted in the community based on the customer-first principle
  • Operating Mansion Plaza, a brokerage office specialized in premium condominiums, strengthening initiatives to capture new needs in the expanding market for pre-owned condominiums margins − It expanded from 5 locations last year to 21 locations involving Tokyo and Kansai areas (As of March 31, 2020)

Significantly Driving Growth with the Leasing Business

Significantly Driving Growth with the Leasing Business

Operating Income (Years ended/ending March 31)

Operating Income